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Managed Dedicated Email Server cares about your Privacy and the Flexibility you need for your business. Agora truly understand that having a reliable email service is crucial to most businesses. Managed Dedicated Email Server deliver the optimal email service for your business, mail servers can become complex and difficult to set up. This includes setting up hardware, mail agent, webmail, spam filter and many moving parts.

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Improve Flexibility Of Your Business With Dedicated Email Server

SmarterMail includes multi-layer, enterprise level spam filtering that achieves 97% protection out of the box.

Powerful Email Solution

The solution consists of a dedicated server, smarter mail, spam experts are fully configured and ready for you! It's the simplest way to get your business a best email solution.

99.9% Anti-Spam Accuracy

SpamExperts can help to reduce the employees' spam work hours. The incoming email filters have a leading industry average of close to 100 percent with almost 0 false positives.

Highest Protection & Security

We strive to provide your dedicated server with the highest levels of protection and safety. The security of your server ranges from firewalls to regular software patches to protect your managed server.

Incoming Emails Solution

If your mail server is momentarily inaccessible, SpamExperts will collect email messages and try to return the emails as soon as possible instead of sending a delivery failure to the sender.

Managed Services

Our services include all aspects, including full system administrators, advanced monitoring, backup solutions, OS troubleshooting, malware removal upon request, DDoS protection and more. This helps you unblock your resources so that your business interests can be focused.

Large Bandwidth

Give you a whopping bandwidth of 100Mpbs. The file storage feature of SmarterMail also enables users to upload and share files from a server using downloadable links. This is very useful for sending large attachments without slowing down the spool.

Dedicated Email Server FAQs

A Dedicated Email Server is an upgraded email hosting plans for large company and organization. An email hosting service is a service that runs or operate email servers on the Internet. Usually email hosting services provide paid email as opposed to free email or webmail that are funded by ads. Thus, email hosting services differ from traditional end-user email providers such as webmail sites.

Your business may require a Dedicated Email Server under these circumstances:

1. Your business depends on email as your main focus of communication.
2. You have a lot of email data (large emails and attachments).
3. You want maximum security, reliability and flexibility.
4. You have a special backup requirement.
5. You require special software or hardware.

POP3 (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) are email protocols that you can pick when configuring your email account in an email application (e.g. MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail or others) on a computer or mobile devices or tablets. You can arrive at a stage during the setup procedure where you have to decide between POP3 or IMAP setup.

POP3 downloads all email content into your email app. You can access stored emails even when you're working offline and store new emails in the OUTBOX ready for delivery when you're back online. Users can opt to delete the email from the server once it is downloaded to save hosting space or configure to leave a copy of the downloaded email on the mail server for any number of days.

IMAP protocol synchronizes the content of emails between your email application and the mail server, your email application and the mail server, your email application must still be online for you to access the status of your mail. Email content on all devices between your email application and the webmail is the same, as both of them synchronized their mail server content.

We store your data in AIMS Data Center, Malaysia that is 24/7 guarded.

Of course you can! Only for these circumstances, we have a purpose-built migration tool. Also, our team of experts will plan and advise on how to migrate the data for you.

Kindly fill in the data migration form available on the following link: Migration

No, you don't. Our team of experts will take care of your business email server.

Yes, we do. Our guarantees include the 30 days money-back guarantee, 99.9% Server and Network Uptime Guarantee and 24/7 Dedicated Technical Support.

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